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We are a team full of marketers and data scientists and programmers. We try to solve problems that were long thought to be unsolvable. We offer customized measurement plans to any large website too.
Address: #301, 3rd Floor, Elite Plaza, Above Musaddilal Jewelers, Beside TBZ Jewellers, Punjagutta, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Phone: +91 99486 34516

Check Our Measure Tools

Data Layer Object Builder Tool for Web Measurement

dataLayers are crucial to implement any complex measurement and tracking stuff on the website.

Facebook Pixel Event Code Generator Tool

Without Facebook Pixel, the targeting and optimization and tacking is second rated.

ReGex Numeric Range Generator Tool for Customer Segmentation​

Regular Expressions are crucial to segment audience based on purchase values.

Do you Know ?

- There are very few Google Partners for Google Ads in entire India, and Measure Marketer, is one of them.

- We are programmers with deep marketing skills. We code solutions so you don't have to buy expensive tools.